Online Study
Frequently Asked Questions

We understand studying needs to fit around your life, and that sometimes things don’t go to plan. Our learning platform is designed with this in mind – flexible study for busy lives. 

Here’s a few answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Q. How are the courses delivered?

Swinburne Open Education courses are delivered online. This means that you will complete your knowledge and initial skills development through online learning. Our nationally recognised diplomas and certificate courses are self-paced and can be accessed via a laptop, computer, or mobile. At Swinburne, we believe in giving you the flexibility to study anytime, from anywhere.

Some courses require practical skills application to achieve competency, through Structured Workplace Learning. This will be called out on relevant course pages.

Q. Will my qualification be nationally recognised?

Our New Zealand students can complete their studies and gain their qualification while in New Zealand, however, all Swinburne Open Education qualifications will be nationally recognised in Australia.

Swinburne Open Education courses are delivered and assessed by UP Education, one of the largest private education groups in the Asia-Pacific. All qualifications are nationally recognised in Australia and are awarded by Swinburne University of Technology.

Q. What is online learning?

Swinburne Open Education is an online education provider and all courses are delivered digitally, allowing you to learn anywhere, anytime. 

Our world-class learning platform is online native and can be accessed on any device. We’ve created a joyful experience with natively accessible information, alleviating the need to download presentations and allowing you to focus on learning the content rather than how to use our platform.

Online modules are broken down into topics and subtopics specific to the module. Each module contains a range of learning styles including written text, diagrams, instructional videos and formative activities that provide you with instant feedback and prepares you for summative assessments. 

Learning is supported by regular trainer-led online sessions. At the end of each module and prior to the sequential module, skills and knowledge are evaluated through summative assessments. Assessment consists of online quizzes, assignments and supervised tests. Through our learning platform you will:

  • Access your learning materials and assessments

  • Undertake and upload assessments

  • Engage and interact with your trainer

  • Participate in student forums and find a ‘study buddy’

  • Access your assessment grades and feedback

  • Access student support services.

More information about learning online with Swinburne Open Education can be found in our Student Handbook.

Q. Do your courses have specific intake dates or start dates?

You can enrol in our courses and start studying, anytime you like. There's no need to wait for a certain date or a new semester to start – just enrol, login, and start learning.

Q. How do I enrol for Swinburne Open Education NZ?

Enrolment is easy! Enter your details to see course pricing details located on any of our course pages. From there you will be taken to an online form where you can complete the enrolment process.

Q. How are courses assessed?

Your course will be assessed online through our learning management platform. You will be assigned a specialist assessor for each module who will provide support while you complete your assessment. Assessments are carried out by using a variety of tasks, including:

  • Online quizzes, including multiple choice and short answer questions

  • Portfolio of evidence

  • Written reports

  • Case studies

  • Video and audio role plays and demonstrations.

Q. How can I access trainer support?

You will have real-time trainer support using your choice of communication – online chat, email, phone call, or video chat. A specialised trainer will be assigned to provide your support at the beginning of each module, who will be available for support during learning and who will also be responsible for supporting you while you carry out the assessment of that module.

Q. How much does the course cost and what payment options are available?

Course costs can vary depending on the qualification selected. You can choose to pay for certificate level courses in weekly instalments over 12 months, or receive a 10% discount if you pay upfront.

Q. What if the course ends up not being right for me? 

If you are less than halfway through your enrolment period and it’s not working out, you can opt-out of the second half and reduce your course fee liability to 50% of the total course fee. Refer to the Student Agreement for full terms and conditions.

Q. Can I pause my study if something in my life changes?

Yes, we understand life doesn’t always go to plan and our online courses are designed to flex around your life. 

Students work at their own pace to complete the course within the allocated time frame. If additional time is needed to complete the course, students can apply for extensions of up to 6 additional months (2 x 3-month extensions).

Q. What learning materials are included with this course?

Your learning materials are accessed through our learning portal. These include:

  • Learning activities

  • Rich media including video resources and web links

  • Real-time trainer support.

Q. What are the equipment and software requirements?

Our modern online learning platform has been designed so that you can study anywhere, anytime. The minimum software requirements to best use our platform are:

Desktop or Laptop

  • Latest version of Chrome or Safari

  • Microsoft Office (2010 or higher)

  • Adobe PDF Reader.

Mobile or Tablet*

  • Latest version of Chrome or Safari

  • Latest version of Android

  • Latest version of iOS.

* Students using a mobile or tablet will need to upload documents from a Laptop, PC or have a Dropbox account.

Q. What is the process to raise concerns and complaints?

At Swinburne Open Education, we are continuously improving our student services and education offerings. We welcome your feedback. To learn more about our complaints management process, or to make a complaint, visit your Student Hub.

If you are not a student, you can make complaints in writing by emailing